Maya U Schueller Elmes

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Be Gentle With Me

This series focuses on representing sensations in my body in various states of regulation and dysregulation. I started therapy in 2022 after realising that my lived experience was having an extreme impact on my mental health and the way that I interacted with those around me. I was plagued with feeling intense panic, fear, confusion and a distinct lack of safety within my body. I had been in an abusive relationship for over a decade (having succesfully found my way out in summer 2021), and at the time of starting the series was barely coping with the chaos of living with someone experiencing substance abuse issues. At times I felt entirely removed from reality, existing only within these intense sensations which I felt unable to control. My initial aim with therapy was to learn how to feel safe in my body again, part of which involved beginning to visualise the sensations and feelings that I was experiencing through parts work, and being much more present in my body.

The series is made up of monotypes on Kozo paper. 

The first iteration of this series was installed in ‘Finding Place’ (2022), a group show with Barb Snyder which was held at Dundarave Print Workshop, Vancouver.

Running on Cargo